Water Filter Systems Salt Lake CityThis article is being written for the sole purpose of sharing (through experience) what a person can and should expect from owning or renting a Guardian Soft Water system. When you Googled  “Water Filter Systems Salt Lake City” you ended up in the right place. There are many articles available for water filter and soft water system reviews online but for Utah water, this would be a recommended point of reference.  If you care to go directly to our homepage at www.guardianwatersoftener.com  you will find the live recorded video testimonials of our customers.

Water, the H2O you cannot live without.  Its uses are endless and we take for granted there seems to be so much of it.  There are commercials here in the state of Utah which reference the fact that we should “slow the flow” and conserve just how we use or overuse it.  Since water is a universal solvent, it picks up anything it touches and carries it downstream or through underground old metal pipes.  It’s not selective in what it carries or just how it carries it.  Whether those elements are harmless or toxic should be a concern for us all.  Nature isn’t making any new water but simply reuses the water over and over and over again through the hydrological cycle Mother Nature has been so willing to provide.

Filtering the water is what we should all be concerned with and what we put back into the water should be a responsibility taken seriously by all who use it.

Many years ago I attended a water filtration seminar in Southern California.  The subject was on water purification, filtration and the recommended uses of filters.  While during the seminar I remember this statement given to the audience.  The gentleman was a chemist and shared with us some of the things he had learned.  Of all the things that were said this one stuck out in my memory.  He said, “Do you realize that the water we use here in Southern California has virtually passed through a person 3 times?”.  There seemed to be a shock wave within the audience as they took on this “look of disgust”.  However, with that said he smiled and said, “don’t worry, be happy, just brush your teeth every night.”

Questions from the audience continued throughout the seminar and the main questions were generally what systems or filters should I recommend to our customers.  This became the focus point and although this was over twenty-five years ago, the matters of concern still exist.

The chemist said to the audience.  Each city throughout the United States is required to meet standards in order to provide water to customers.   However, not all water is the same.  Meaning what is in the water in one state may not be the same in another state.  Testing elements that are toxic to humans are a constant threat.  Do not assume what comes out of the faucet is always safe. It’s not and filtering your water is what each responsible homeowner should do.  We have little control over everything in our lives but we do have control over what we drink and what we consume.  The concern is what elements are in our water that we can control.  That’s an unknown variable but it’s something each of us can do if we chose to be responsible enough to do it.

Then he suggested two things.  The first one was reverse osmosis and there are many companies that make what is called, RO’s.  This is where the water that comes from the city enters your home and you chose to filter it through what is called a reverse osmosis drinking system which eliminates between 94 and 99% of all harmful byproducts, chemicals etc. and allows you to store about 3 gallons which are only used through its own special spigot.  And RO can make up to 50 gallons per day too and it’s the best water for the money and far less expensive than bottled water.

Water Filter Systems Salt Lake City

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