Utah Water Softener ConditionerI decided to write this article to clear up some confusion about a Utah Water Softener Conditioner… Water softening and water conditioning are assumed by most people to be the same thing. They are not and I’ve decided to spend a few moments of my time in an attempt the help those who want to know the difference between water conditioning and water softening.

I’ll keep it short and simple because it shouldn’t be all that difficult to explain. However, I will add to this article something that bothers me because of what people are being told and sold. There are companies in this industry that promote water conditioners as the fix all solution. This they are not and may I explain why!

When you condition water that the cities or municipal water companies deliver to your home, it does not mean you are softening the water. Water conditioners do just that, they condition the water by adding a thing to the minerals instead of removing those minerals from the water. Minerals make the water that comes into your home hard. Water softeners remove those minerals which make the water soft.

Water conditioners do not remove those minerals but condition the water so the minerals are to pass through your home as if they did not exist. How does this happen? By “conditioning” the water these systems promote changing the makeup of the minerals which allows them to pass through your pipes undetected. The selling feature is the minerals are still there for beneficial drinking but won’t adhere or still to your pipes or appliances. The benefit is they don’t use salt as the solution for cleaning off the resins so no salt is needed. That is the biggest selling feature and where the term, “no salt or salt-less water systems” come from.

Ok, now what are you supposed to do as a homeowner? Do you want to waste your hard earned money like so many disappointed and salt-less system customers have told me? You came here for a reason and that is to learn something factual from customers of both systems and make a comparison that will help you in making a better decision. When you go to our website at www.guardianwatersoftener.com the opening video testimonial should give you the information you need. This customer that owned a salt-water conditioning system. May I add this wasn’t our system either. Did it work? Nope, it didn’t!.

Did it solve the hard water problems people have in their homes? Did somebody pay for it? Yep, they did? How much did it cost new? Over $3000 for a system that didn’t work. Is that money well spent? Nope, it sure wasn’t. Ok, now are you starting to get the picture. Someone was doing the selling and someone ended up doing the buying. Time and money spent for a system that does not work.

Here is why salt-less or water conditioning systems do not work! Salt-less or conditioners do just that. They “CONDITION BY ADDING SOMETHING TO THE MINERALS”. They don’t soften the water as softeners do. Therefore, the problem still exists. Softeners work by allowing the hard water to pass through a bed of resins that collect those hard minerals that cause all the hard water buildup on your faucets, shower doors, toilets, bathtub rings and while build up in your fridge as well as the undesirable white floating particles in your ice cubes.

Those little resins act like magnets and collect all the hard minerals and hold onto them allowing the water which has now been softened to pass into your home water lines to all the faucets for nice soft water. It takes many days for a water softener to collect all of those minerals they can attract. Once the system is full and can’t collect any more minerals, it waits until you go to bed and night and between 2 and 4 in the morning it uses salt in the tank that sits next to it to wash off the minerals from the resins. That is what salt is used for. It acts like soap and washes off the minerals and recharges the resins so they can start the process over and over again.

This regeneration of washing off the resins is called an ‘ion exchange”. In water softener terminology it’s called a regeneration cycle. Water conditioners don’t use salt because they don’t soften or collect those hard minerals. Conditioners add to the water and do not soften water in any way.

Do I believe in them as a water softening company? No, I don’t because they don’t solve the problem homeowners want to be solved.
I hope this helps and if you have any questions, review our online video’s of people how were tired of the water conditioning systems and have had Guardian Soft Water install a system that delivers. Isn’t that what you want is a system that works without the gimmicks and empty promises?

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