I’ve had many people ask me when they do a search (Water Softener Installation Salt Lake City) about installing a water softener in their home as well as when is the best time to install a water softener?

I’ll speak right from the hip here and say it like it is. If you have hard water and the test used to determine how many grains per gallon of hardness is in the water, for example, 11-15 or harder, I would definably recommend installing a softener and here is why!

Protect your biggest investment especially your home. Once a home is built, the elements begin to make deposits on everything water touches. First, the pipes that carry the water than the dishwasher, water heater, humidifier, tubs, sinks, glass shower doors, tiles and dishes and all the glassware used for cooking and drinking.
It doesn’t end there and we haven’t even considered all the clothing, laundry, hair and skin that water also touches. So, if these challenges exist, what is the cost of installing a water softener and if a water softener already exists in the home, how can you tell if it’s working properly?

Water Softener Installation Salt Lake CityWater softener installation Salt Lake City just makes sense, especially if the installation is financially reasonable. I’m not writing this as to how you should install your own as YouTube university can walk you through that one.

However, I do receive at least 15 calls a week asking me if their home is plumbed for soft water in the first place. Sometimes I walk them through it over the phone to determine if their home has been (pre-plumbed or water softener ready).

If this were the case then it saves the homeowner and additional plumbing cost because all that is necessary if it has been pre-plumbed is to attach the softener to the present pipes, run the drain and electric lines if necessary and the home will now have soft water.

Some homes were built and during the construction, all the cold and hotlines were plumbed soft except for the two (usually 2 exterior faucets) and a kitchen cold and fridge-cold line were all plumbed for a water softener.

If the home wasn’t pre=plumbed or roughed in for a softener don’t become too alarmed. We at Guardian Soft Water redo the plumbing so you can get all the benefits you are searching for and at a much more reasonable cost than our competition.

If the home already has an existing softener and is programmed correctly you should feel that your water is soft when you are washing your hands or in the shower. If it is working and properly set, you’ll feel its smooth feeling and the bubbles will be easy to make during your washing.

Contrary to that the water will turn grey quickly in the tub and have no bubbles and you’ll feel an almost gritty squeaky feeling when you rub your fingers together. This means it’s not working and the soap scum will make itself knows in your tub and shower. Remember, squeaky isn’t clean, it means its squeaky dirty.
So what is the cost to install a softener in a home that’s softener ready?

We at Guardian Soft Water don’t charge for an install if it’s plumbed and ready with the new pex piping. If it requires additional parts, your cost would be very minimal.Jeff Smith Guardian Soft Water
Often times I receive calls to check a softener that has already been installed and isn’t working. One would be surprised as to what’s been sold to customers in Utah. We hope to give you as much guidance and support as possible so you as a customer might avoid being taken for what might appear to be everything you need.
Our advice and knowledge is free and might save you not only your hard-earned dollar but a lot of unnecessary frustration as well.

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Jeff Smith/owner

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