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Truth About Utah Water Softener ReviewsI received a call from a very hesitant but inquisitive man who proceeded to ask me a barrel full of questions about the Truth About Utah Water Softener Reviews.   I could immediately tell by the tone of his voice he wasn’t joking around and wanted answers, prices, questions about warranties and how do you pick a reputable company?   After less than a minute I simply asked him this question.  “You seemed to have done your fair share of homework. May I ask what it is you’ve found and where can I be of help to you?”

He proceeded to explain that for the past 6 months he’s investigated on his own time the best water softener available and has read all the water softener reviews and what is the best water softener system for the water here in Utah.  Several companies had sent their reps out for demo’s and he seemed to have a lot of information.  Again I asked him this question. “So, in your research would you tell me what it is you found?  I’d be curious to know as you seem like the type of guy who knows his stuff!”

He piped up with his answer.  “Yes, it really depends on where you live and how hard your water is as there are many systems available.  It’s taken me 6 months to find the right company who is willing to just be truthful with me and not overcharge me for what I want.  I don’t need all the bells and whistles.  After all, it sits in a closet  the R. O. is under the sink.  I want one with a certain resin without the highest price.  When I spoke with Company C and then Company S and then Company N……..they could tell I knew what I was talking about and tried to oversell me on their systems.  I didn’t want to pay $4800 – $5400 for a whole house system and had a neighbor who bought one from you and that’s why I’m calling.”

He proceeded to spill the beans with his findings while I just listened.   He had some great pointers of which I already knew but felt he should be at least recognized and rewarded for his efforts. After a short time of listening, he asked me what I had.  It didn’t take long for him to decide that this system for the quality, price and warranty was the system for him.  His system was installed the next day and I’m anxiously awaiting his water softener review.

After all, happy customers give the best referrals, especially when they do the digging themselves and call me.   I’ve come to appreciate those who spend a little time looking and at the same time understand why it’s so easy to become frustrated when so many reps tell so many different stories just to make a sale.  Commissions are important for reps to make a living but one doesn’t need to lie or make us something that’s untruthful just to make a sale.

After all, what’s important is the clean water that comes out of the faucet while keeping your hard earned dollars in your pocket.  A great system should cost you some money, but not all of it, especially if it’s built to last. With me, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Read the testimonials as you will discover for yourself the Truth About Utah Water Softener Reviews, these reviews are from satisfied customers.  I’m here to save you money and give you the water your family deserves.

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