Best Price Water Softener Salt Lake CityRecently I was in a hardware store and overheard a customer ask the store helper this question.  What is the best price for a water softener in Utah?  I couldn’t help but listen to his response as he obviously knew very little about water softeners but continued to elaborate as if he did.  After all, this store helper couldn’t have been a day older than 19 and seemed to enjoy all the questions and attention given him. So, if you Google something like “Best Price Water Softener Salt Lake City” then keep reading, you’ll like this article.

I just bit my tongue, continued to listen and observe how customers are misled into spending  hundreds of dollars without knowing they are being misled and all the time assuming what they are about to purchase will solve their hard water problems.

One of the responses was so ridiculous in nature that I had to hide my face yet couldn’t let this go on without trying to save this customer from most of the things she had just learned.  Trying to avoid arrogance on my part I simply said, “So, you’re looking for the best price for a water softener, did I hear that right?”  She responded with a “why yes I am, can you help me?”   Not wanting to embarrass the young man, I simply said, “well this young man seems very willing, but if you have any questions, I’ll be down this isle getting some parts.  I’ll wait for you to finish!”

I continued to get the parts needed and after a few short minutes, they woman made her way down to speak with me.   I don’t believe it’s proper to steal a stores customers for my own gain so I took the position of giving her advice that would serve her best in deciding what she needed.  The best price for a water softener is based on several things that you as a homeowner should consider.  The first being how hard your water is in grains per gallon and the second one being how many people will be living in the home today, and then over the next several years.   Never undersize it and by that same token, don’t oversize it either.

I proceeded to give her assistance and gradually she began to clearly understand the differences in price vs. cost.  Price is after all that you pay for something up front.  Cost is the dollars you will actually spend over time for that item.  Here is where quality and value come into play.  A customer can definitely buy for less money a softener at one of the box stores.   And just as she witnessed first- hand,  being sold a unit for several hundred dollars that weren’t a good value long term for her.
Was it cheap?……..Yes, it was but would it work long term and do all that she needed it to do?   Probably not!

I then asked her if she wanted quality and value for her money.  This is where most people make mistakes.  What is being sold in box stores will work for a short time, but remember this and remember it well.   In Utah, we have some of the hardest water in the country.  We live in a mineral basin.  These units aren’t meant to solve the problem, they are built to look good in the box, cost less and also work less and last even less than that.

Save your money and or you will repeat this process time and time again until you have learned your lesson.   If you truly want the best price for a water softener in Utah, call my number at 801 928 8565 and at least give yourself the opportunity to learn a little, save a lot and get what you want.  After all, isn’t it your money and don’t you want to spend it wisely?

Best Price Water Softener Salt Lake City

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