Reverse Osmosis Water Softener UtahSince we cannot live without water, we may as well come to terms with what is the best Reverse Osmosis Systems Salt Lake City and at what cost for each gallon?  There are many drinking systems available there are many systems that aren’t designed for a complete water filtration cure.   If you are looking for a system that removes all of the impurities to the levels considered “safe” as well as clean and tasty, let’s consider reverse osmosis and them the system and am very fond of.

Reverse osmosis drinking systems have been around for a long time and they’ve proven themselves as far as providing the amounts of safe drinking water if the filters are changed on a regular basis. In order to maintain a high level and quality of drinking water, one must make certain the filters that allow only pure water molecules to be stored in the reserve tank are changed every 12 to 18 months depending on the water that enters the home.  The harder the water and the more contaminants the filter blocks from entering your system the more frequent you need to change it.

I’ve been into many homes and examined many drinking systems only to find the filters have never been changed.  Comments like “Oh, I must have forgotten to change the filters” is very common.  Another one is “I simply forgot and it’s been years since we bought this thing.”  Another being,  “why is the water so smelly like a rotten egg?  If filters are changed regularly, none of these problems would exist.

Here is what you need to know.  Since there are many kinds and types of reverse osmosis systems Salt Lake City available, pick one that uses less water to make a gallon.  It’s a common fact that when you make reverse osmosis water to drink that most systems require 6 gallons to make 3 gallons of drinking water.

The rest is considered wastewater and goes down the drain.   It uses water to make water and all systems basically use the same process when the water enters the reverse osmosis membrane.   However, there is one company that I use who’s cut that waste factor in half and that is

I have been suggesting and carrying this system for many years now and it’s smaller in size so it takes up less under the counter space.  Its space-age look is very clean and appealing to everyone as well as the fact that it requires no tools when you change the filters.  A housewife can do it with no tools at all.  No big wrenches and no “O” rings to worry about.  With the simple push-hold and pull the filters are easy to change and the total time required is about 10 minutes if that.

You can purchase these online from the company for $375.00  and I sell them for the same price. Then you have to pay for the shipping and also you have to purchase another faucet.  The one that is sent to each unit is a white inexpensive plastic faucet of which no one seems to want.  Most prefer to customize and match their kitchen faucet with more of a designer model which comes in brushed nickel, chrome, stainless steel, and an oiled bronze look.  These are the highest quality faucets and my customers love them.

Then you have to install them and it’s not easy if you haven’t done it before and leaks if you don’t know what you are doing.  There is a feed line which takes the city water and starts to run it through the system.  Then there is a drain line to eliminate all the bad water the system has filtered off.

Then there is a drinking line that needs to run from the reserve tank to the new faucet.  If you have a new faucet there will need to be a new hole drilled either in your sink or on the countertop.  If you have granite and have no experience drilling granite you are in for some work.  Even if you have granite composite this is some of the toughest stuff to drill through unless you are experienced you may crack your expensive counter-tops.

So be careful or if you want to do it we are experienced in installing Reverse Osmosis Systems Salt Lake City.   Our customers love them and so will you.  Just remember when its time to change your filters does so as to require.  There’s something to say about having “peace of mind” when you are drinking the best tasting water from your own kitchen faucet.   Puts a smile on your face too.

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