no salt water systems UtahMany people have been pitched by companies that represent Utah Saltless Water Softeners as a better way to soften water. Even here in Utah on one of the major radio shows the listener heard from Kinetico that seemed to boast using no salt.

One of the customers is the radio talk show host which pushed the Kinetico system as using no salt and nothing wrong with that if those were the facts. However, the radio ad changed because salt is used as an ion exchange to release the hard mineral deposits back into the drain.

Instead of saying “no salt” the add was altered to using “very little” salt. So, why am I writing this article? Why is the truth so hard to say in the first place? Why misrepresent what your product is if it isn’t what it’s advertised to do?

Sodium-Ion exchange is still the most effective way to soften water. Let’s just tell it like it is and let the truth stand for itself. Many don’t understand this principle and have been misleading, uninformed and oversold on gimmicks that don’t soften water at all.

Just because someone wants to believe it, doesn’t mean their gimmick work. Time has proven this point over and over as people have paid hard-earned dollars on gimmicks like magnets, electrical impulse, citrus exchange and many other gimmicks that simply haven’t solved a homeowner’s hard water problems.

Recently, I met with a customer this week to prove my point, not only to me but to himself as he nearly became another victim of one of these schemes. He asked my opinion of magnets and electron polarity in softening water.

I simply told him the truth, that it didn’t work and never has worked and to save his hard-earned money. He smiled and said that his next-door neighbor was a dealer and wanted to sell him one. He even asked his neighbor the blunt question, “does this really work?” To his surprise, the neighbor’s response was, “No, but I have to sell the rest I have to get my money back but I’ll make you a killer deal on one.”

I couldn’t help but inwardly laugh and as he discovered the main reason for schemes that don’t work is money. Money, or should it best be said the “lack of money” seems to drive gimmickry or at least the high hopes of making money by selling products that make claims yet never deliver the results.

In order to soften water, it requires removing the hardness. Whether sodium or potassium ions are required to release the minerals from the resins, sodium is far less expensive than potassium and makes more economic sense.

Some companies advertise salt as being harmful to the environment and being banned in some states. This is true but once you read into the facts it becomes very clear as to why. We live in Utah where Salt Lake is filled with salt. We live in a mineral basin and salt is a major part of that basin. Some companies pitch that salt bad for you. I agree that salt is bad for you but only if you don’t use common sense.

Salt from water softeners is rinsed completely out of the system during the dual-stage rinse cycles and leaves no salt in the system. Matter of fact you if you eat a French fry, most likely you will get more salt from eating one fry than if you were to drink 50 gallons of water after it’s been through a complete regeneration. So what’s the beef? There is none.

If a high-quality Utah saltless water softeners are purchased which has a “smart chip” it greatly reduces the need for much salt at all. Thus, you save salt because it only uses salt if and when the regeneration process is required and only after it’s monitored the number of total gallons the tank has been able to soften.

If you have any more questions, please call me for free water analysis. Once all the facts are in front of you, it will be much easier to make a better decision for your hard water needs. And at a cost, that in most cases is half of the competition.

Call now at 801- 928 -8565 and see how easy it is to experience becoming one of my customers and see how Utah saltless water softeners are a waste of your money. My goal is to show you all of the facts then let you as a homeowner decide what’s best for you. After all, happy customers give the best referrals.

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