Utah Water Softener SystemIf you live in an area where water is hard, there is little doubt that you need the best Utah Water Softener System. A water softener is no longer one of the things you can wait for later as damage to pipes. Appliances and all household items begin to show immediately when hard water is used. Not to mention the fact that phosphates have been mandated by the government to be removed from all detergents. Making it even more difficult for those without a softener to tackle the problem.

With so many companies selling so many different kinds of a
Utah Water Softener System, what is the consumer to believe?

What water softener is best or what is the best water softener for each homeowner? The answer isn’t known until each homeowner has a simple hardness test completed. As well having a TDS test then calculating the number of people living in the home. Everything starts there. Adding bells and whistles won’t soften the water.  Yet often times those added bells and whistles will end up saving you money in the long and short run.

Next comes the water softener installation. Not all homes are the same so each install is different. Many homes were plumbed for soft water and the charge for a quick change out is usually around $75 – $125. Some are free depending on each dealer or salesman’s offer. Then there are more difficult water softener installations where the home needs re-plumbed in the areas required for a softener to work for the entire home. If it’s not done right, hot water will be the only place where soft water will benefit. That’s like putting tanning lotion on one arm and leaving both exposed to the sun. Doing it the right way takes time but it’s well worth every penny.

Call us and let’s determine if it can be done and don’t right for you. After all, life is hard enough but your water doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you the best Utah Water Softener System around!

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