What Water Softener is the Best Value in UtahI was asked by a customer to write an article titled “what water softener is the best value in Utah?” As I listened to them share their story of frustration and having so many companies muddy the waters only made it difficult for them to decide. I’ve decided to share a few thoughts on the matter as well to prompt you as the reader to put on your thinking cap and ask yourselves a few questions.

Here is a list of some of those questions:

What does a water softener do?
What are the benefits of having a water softener?
What does a water softener cost if you decided to own one?
How to maintain a water softener and what is the yearly cost?
Is my home plumbed for a water softener?
What would it cost to plumb a home for soft water?
Are all water softeners the same?
What makes a great water softener and what are the differences from one water softener to another?

The list could go on and on but what seems to mean the most for all of us, including myself should be “what is the best value for your dollar?” I hope that in writing this article you might appreciate what the word “value means”. To me its means, once you make a purchase of a product does it produce the necessary soft water it was meant to do a year in year out at a cost that is reasonable, competitive and just does its job day in and day out.

There are so many variables on this subject. All water in Utah isn’t the same and from where that water comes from each softener must take out the minerals delivered to it. In the comparisons I wish it were as simple as putting 8 pinewood derby cars on a track, flipping the lever and watching them travel down the track and across the finish line and repeat the process comparing all the variables and then declaring a “winner”.

Quality of the components used when building a water softener determines how soft your water will be in both the short and long run of its life. I have seen water softeners that are less than 2 years old which use a ton of salt and no longer soften the water.

I have also seen softeners that are 15 years old which still soften the water but use a ton of salt to do so. So, what is the best water softener for the money and which water softener has the best value? The one that works and keeps a smile on your face and saves you money, time, frustration and you can’t remember the price.

You may find this humorous, but it’s meant to make a point and here is why. Let’s be reasonable on the cost or price paid and if the system is doing its job. Companies need to make money to operate a business and generate a profit. Yet overcharging for a product that under-delivers the benefits would be products to stay away from.

You do not need a Rolls Royce in price to deliver the soft water you need. Nor would I suggest purchasing the lowest priced water softener because that is what you will get. Cheap may work for a short time but remember this, “YOU USE WATER EVERY DAY, MANY TIMES A DAY AND WILL DO SO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE”. Get something that works all those days.

I have written many articles that have covered all of the above questions and concerns for customers and those who are about to make a decision. Buy quality and value at a reasonable price.

In most cases less than $2,000 from a reputable company that stands behind their work. At Guardian Soft Water, we offer the highest quality, best value and the best warranty available. Buy one that has a great warranty and not just a dealer warranty. Dealers come and go so get a “factory warranty” from a local manufacturer if possible.

Read the articles created for you the customer at www.guardianwatersoftener.com and if you have additional questions we will be happy to answer them.

Best wishes
Jeff Smith/Guardian Soft Water

What Water Softener is the Best Value in Utah