Jeff Smith Guardian Soft WaterI’d like to address the question about the advantages of a Twin Tank Water Softener System VS A Single Tank System In Utah when it comes to in-house water softening. This question seems to be more common now than it was a few years ago. But the answer is still as simple and still the same.

First, I wanted to share the purpose of having a twin tank system, the advantages as well as what twin tank systems were designed for. Twin tank systems are sold mostly by Kinetico Water.

Kinetico is a good company and doesn’t get me wrong I’m not here to speak negatively about my competition. Most of the soft water companies do carry twin tank systems but mostly for commercial use and here is why.

The application is for high water use where the user must have soft water on demand whenever the faucets are in use. For example a car wash, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and sports arenas as well as any commercial use where a higher amount of water is in constant demand.

Their demands are much higher than a homeowner will ever have. Here is what happens and the purpose of twin tanks. Let’s say one tank is doing the softening and is in constant demand.

All the faucets or washing machines or whatever the water is being used for runs through a softener. Well, a softeners capacity will reach its maximum and no longer be able to attract any more minerals and suddenly the water will become hard.
When this happens the tank switches over to the second or alternating tank which has been regenerated or recently cleaned. So, the head or device switches to the newly regenerated tank and you now have constant soft water. Now the other tank which just reached its maximum capacity starts a regeneration or cleaning so when the alternating tank runs out of capacity, it will resume its position to take its turn.

That is the purpose of having a twin tank so you will never run out of soft water. However, this is where you need to put on your thinking cap. Do homeowners sleep at night and also do homeowners under normal use ever have the demand for constant soft water 24/7?Twin Tank Water Softener System VS A Single Tank System In Utah

It’s a great selling feature to sell the constant never run out of soft water features. Nice thought, right? If your habits of a homeowner are to keep your doors open and never turn your lights off and run your dishwashers, showers, and tubs and toilets 24 hours a day then a twin tank system will work for you. But before you decide on a commercial system for your home ask yourself this question!

Is that your lifestyle? Or do you and your family go to sleep at night and is a twin system really for you? It’s a nice selling feature but is it really what you need at an elevated price? Why not get a better system with more features that do benefit you than features you pay way too much for and still not get? With Guardian Soft Water, you simply pay less and get more.
Review our website and the testimonials and we think you’ll agree, get more and pay less and put a smile on your face.

Twin tank water softener systems are being sold for the features you will never use or need. Here is another thing to consider which the sells reps who sell them take advantage of your lack of knowledge or inexperience with how systems work and what’s really needed.

Feature: (selling feature reps use to impress and sell)

Uses half the salt to regenerate vs single tank water softener systems. Impressive at first until you ask the question. A twin tank is simply one tank cut in half. When one tank is softening, the other tank is regenerating and when it’s been regenerated, it stands ready to be switched once the other tank has reached its capacity to soften. If one tank uses half the salt to regenerate, doesn’t the other tank use the other half? Yep……so there isn’t any benefit here at all.
Fact: Twin tank water softeners use the same amount of salt to generate the same amount of soft water. They just use half for one tank and the other half for the other tank.

Fact: Alternating tanks use less electricity.

This is true as the city water pressure is what runs the system. The downfall is you never know how much water you’ve used or how much water between cycles or where in the cycle you really are. Or, if you have a leak or anything related to it. It does not show gallons being used.

Fact: Systems with electrical heads do use power.

single tank with a brine tankBut if they are a high tech and state of the art new system they use less than $2.00 per year and give you a ton of information that’s proven to be beneficial for the homeowner. Water pressure is what runs the system anyway just as the above but here is where it changes. It stores information about how much water you’ve used and also is programmed to use the smart chip technology to keep a record of how it can improve using less salt according to your actual usage.

Don’t get me wrong. Twin tank water softener systems have their benefit and I sell and install them in businesses or where the application fits the need. In a typical home, the demand for a twin tank simply does not fit. Just being honest and upfront with you as the reader. I’d have one in my own but a single tank with a brine tank have never failed me nor my customers.

I hope this has helped and would gladly take a call or answer any questions you as a homeowner may have. In some cases, there may be a fit for twin tank system but typically it won’t be in a home.

Any questions on the difference between a twin tank water softener system vs. a single tank system in Utah please feel free to call us anytime.

Thank you for reading the article and make sure to view some testimonial videos here.

Jeff Smith
Owner/Guardian Soft Water

Article Credit: Jeff Smith

Twin Tank Water Softener System VS A Single Tank System In Utah

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