Water Softener Brands UtahThere are many water softener brands Utah has to choose from. As customers call in, it’s easy to see how and why they have so many questions.  When it comes to making a purchase and spending your money, it does make sense to do a little looking first.   After all, branding costs more and in the next few minutes you will begin to see why.  If you want to save money and get everything you are looking for without the “branding price tag” hang with me here and I will explain.

Let’s say you love a pair of shoes which has a certain logo printed on the side of that pair of shoes.  Inevitably those shoes will cost you more because of that logo.   You’ll pay more because of the licensing of that  name and that is how things are marketed. We are used to it and many people won’t buy that pair unless that name is printed or engraved on the side.  It seems it’s prestigious or cool or both and this is how many products seem to get more attention.

Ok, that’s with a pair of shoes.  Now let’s consider something that isn’t seen on your feet but sits in the basement away from any onlookers.  I am using this as an example because truthfully this is how things work, at least with me they do.  Many years ago I decided to do my very best to eliminate all the things and costs that  end up costing the customer more money.  Branding is one of those areas the is often misunderstood and always brings a higher price tag. Now hear me out and see if you would agree.

Let’s say as a dealer I have the option of building a water softener with the highest grade of materials, the very best resins available in the world, along with the very best and thickest tank in which to house the resins.   Since the resins do the work, I made a vow years ago to use only the best resins available and never to use cheaper or Chinese imported, cracked or factory seconds.  They do cost less however and will soften water, but they aren’t designed to last very long.  So I don’t use them as other companies do.  They want to sell you another one in 5-9  years when they could have represented something much better.  It’s called “repeat business” to sell you again when the resins are too small to do the job anymore.   Sure it’s what most companies do and maybe I should do the same thing but I don’t and my customers seem to appreciate the “heads up” information.

Now, here is another area that makes a difference.   If this company cuts out 90% of the overhead associated with purchasing a water softener, it should inevitably cost you less money and therefore give you a much better product for less money.  Cut out the “branding” cost because all that represents to you is an “expensive sticker” which increases the price.   Remember, this isn’t a luxury purse or pair of shoes which you will never wear, it’s a water softener built specifically for your hard water needs.  It sits in your basement and when was the last time you yelled out to your friends, “Hey, come and look at my water softener in my basement?”  That may happen but I seriously doubt it.

Now add into this scenario the best timing device and that is digitally metered, regulates the flow as well as the usage of salt which is required to clean the resins after they have removed all the minerals from the water. One that meters every gallon cleans when it should and gives you the softest water at a price that puts a smile on your face.  One that uses so little salt you can’t help but tell your neighbors about it.  A unit that is so simple to use that it gives you a digital reading of every gallon it has used, never keeping you in the dark or guessing how efficient it actually is.  Does this make sense because it should?

Customers love this water softener brand Utah as the testimonials suggest, it’s been a very pleasant experience for all of them.  Since you are a consumer, giving a consumers report on this item is what customers enjoy giving.   A water softener of the highest quality, without adding all the additional and unnecessary overhead costs associated with many others that are out there.  The bottom line is this. You get soft water without spending and arm and a leg and since customer reviews and consumer reports are so valuable when making a purchase, doesn’t it make sense to buy without the higher “branding price tag” and saving money, stress and getting everything you want for less money?

I thought so.  Give our website a look at guardianwatersoftener.com and perhaps  a phone call to schedule a no pressure, no hype and a very friendly test will at least give you the options you are comfortable with.  After all, it’s your money, your option to look at your decision.  Call Jeff at 801 928 8565 and see how much I can save you.

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