Davis County Water Softener SystemsPeople call me asking me about waters softeners and what are the best Davis County Water Softener Systems.  Their questions are always sincere in nature while at the same time they remain a little hesitant and for good reason.   Here is what I have discovered and what may help you as a consumer.

First, let’s agree to agree that the water here in Utah is hard.  That definition simply means there are elements and minerals in the water that make the water less effective in cleaning while at the same time leaving those mineral deposits all over your home.  Whatever is in the water is in the home and whatever it touches it affects the feel, the taste, the ability to clean more difficult.

It’s simply ground up rocks that travel in the water and since water is a universal solvent, wherever it goes, it leaves behind traces of those minerals on your appliances, shower doors, toilets, sinks, glass wares, dishwashers, tiles, and clothing as well as leaving your skin feeling itchy and dry.

Davis County Water Softener Systems work by removing what is entering the water softener system.  As water passes through what’s called a resin bed which is inside a concealed tank, the hard water minerals are attracted to those resins, much like metal filings are attracted to a magnet.  This allows the water to feel soft as whatever passes through that same resin bed is now soft because it’s removed the hard mineral deposits.

When those same resins become saturated with hard minerals, those resins must be cleaned off in order for them to become more effective.  That is when a softener should go into what is called a regeneration process that cleans off those resins.  When it goes through a regeneration brine process those minerals are washed off the resins through what is called an ion exchange process.  It’s much like washing dirty dishes with soap but instead of using soap, a salt water brine solution is used instead of soap.

The salt brine is used to wash off those minerals from the resin which recharges or regenerates the resins so they can clean another “batch” of hard water making it soft for you in your home.  Once the resin is free of hard water minerals, fresh water is used to rinse the remaining brine water out of the system leaving the home with refreshing and ready to use soft water.

The Benefits of Owning a Davis County Water Softener Systems

#1. Protects your entire plumbing system in your home

#2. Silverware, dishes, and fine china wares will sparkle and you will have a clean coffee maker with no scale build-up

#3. Saves you time and labor from cleaning up minerals in your home.

#4. Eliminates hard water spots and build up on showers, tubs, and sinks

#5. A Davis County Water Softener Systems leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth

#6. Adds life to your dishwasher and water heater and all other appliances

#7. Clothes require fewer detergents and the linens are cleaner, brighter and feel much softer while at the same time using less softening agents

#8. Cuts down on detergents and cleaning supplies by up to 50%

#9. Systems can regenerate using less than half of the salt from other models making it more efficient and less costly

#10. Improves your flow of water by eliminating calcium buildup in the homes pipes

#11. Increases water efficiency by up to 30% and extends the life of the water heater by several years

#12. Hair will be softer and more manageable

#13. Reduces soap, shampoo, and bathroom cleaning supply usage by up to 50%

#14.  Women love less work in the home which makes them happier allowing them to spend more quality time with the family.

#15.  Homes are cleaner, stay cleaner longer and look cleaner if a water softener is working correctly.

#16. A Davis County Water Softener Systems protect your largest investment (your home)

Davis County Water Softener Systems were once considered to be a luxury item.  With the cost of homes going up, why not protect that investment while at the same time reducing those mineral build ups which in the end cost you the homeowner more money.  Makes good sense doesn’t it.  By now you have a good idea of why homeowners cannot live without one.

If you are in the market for a water softener and you live in either Salt Lake County or Davis County or any of the Counties in Utah, look at your options as looking won’t cost you a dime.  Call Guardian Soft Water and visit our homepage at guardianwatersoftener.com then call Jeff at 801 928 8565 and look at your options.  There is never any pressure and my intentions are to provide you with the best experience possible.

Your business is always appreciated and your needs always come first.

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