Utah Water SoftenerI’ve been in the Utah Water Softener industry for more than a quarter of a century. I’ve seen so many come and go items claiming to do the trick of softening hard water. Most items were the price set so that if you were to purchase them and give them a try, it was more hassle to package them up and return them to the sender if they didn’t work. The market of homeowners has seen gimmicks for years and they keep on coming. There are magnetic water softeners which supposedly change the polarity of water mineral, thus making them less likely to adhere to clothing, pipes, shower doors and anything it touches. I still see them attached and never produced a gallon of what they were supposed to do for the homeowner.

Gimmicks come and gimmicks go but see if this makes sense to you. We live in a hard water area of the country. Hard water is caused by mineral content and we all have calcium and minerals in our water. It’s the norm here and we are used to it but you don’t have to get used to what it leaves behind. Deposits on everything it touches, which brings me to what I originally wrote this article about. If minerals are in the water to start with and you want the benefits of what soft water brings, doesn’t it make better and more logical sense to remove the minerals so all the detergents and soaps can then go to work instead of fighting the battle with hard water? To put it in simple words, you cannot get clean in hard water. It cancels out the effect of pure soap and needs phosphates to break it down before water can clean anything. The government mandated that phosphates be removed from detergents 2 years ago, thus leaving an even greater challenge as well as expense for those who want clean dishes, clean appliances, clothes and whatever else water touches.

So, what works and what works at a good price. Historically is been proven that water softeners remove the hardness and mineral content that makes water hard. Calcium, manganese, and iron or any other mineral that adheres to water molecules also adheres to you, your skin, hair, glassware, clothes, dishes and everything water touches. Hard water problems are more expensive to fight without having a water softener. There are so many water softener systems out there but if the truth be known, stick with the ones that have a proven record. Gimmicks come and gimmicks go and if all you want is H2O then make it soft. Remove the hardness and that’s what you’ll have. Did problem solve right? Wrong. Consider the cost and what process removes the hardness. This reminds me of a few years ago when the cost of gas skyrocketed. The market became filled with cheap overseas imported scooters. Most looked good and had gadgets, whistles, bells and fancy paint jobs. Most attractive to the look at making the appealing to a new market of buyers. Some worked but most are now junked and in the landfills. Why am I telling you this? If you are going to get a good softener, get one that will last for the next 20 plus years. Have one built specifically for the size of family you have as well as the hardness of water in your home? That’s how it should be instead of taking one of the shelves where the resin is most likely too small to soften water for any extended period of time.

I’m not here to keep secrets from you but to share with you what has taken years to learn. Many companies cut corners to increase profit margins. In other words, be careful what you buy and even if it looks good as the scooters did a few years ago, know what you are paying for and if the individual or company won’t reveal those important elements to you, they don’t deserve your business. Don’t scrimp on the item that softens the water your home and family will benefit from. You don’t need to spend anything over $2500 either, especially if you knew where the best Utah Water Softener values are. In the end, it’s what comes out of the faucet that matters.

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