Home Water Softeners Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City and the surrounding cities along the Wasatch front all have hard water.  Some cities have harder water (more mineral content) than others and many people ask the question, why is the water so different when it comes to hardness?  Having a water softener built to handle the hardness is what everyone wants. There’s more to it than just buying one from one of the local box stores. My recommendation I’d stay clear from the (disposable softeners) as they may work for a short period of time but aren’t built for long usage nor the hardness that exist in your water.  You may save a few hundred bucks but will eventually spend that many times over the years to follow.   Also, the water won’t ever be as soft as it could be if you were to use the best resins made for Utah hard water. When you Googled “Home Water Softeners Salt Lake City” you landed here, read on. My hope is this article will enlighten you and help you find the water softener that’s best for you and your family.

If you want to soften and remove the minerals which make your water hard, the best way to do it is by using a high-quality resin tank, filled with the best resins designed to attract all the minerals much like a magnet attracts metal filings.   There are hundreds of kinds of resins made to handle various water types.  Testing your water to see what you have in your water is where I would recommend starting from.  Since not all water is the same, using the wrong resin wouldn’t be an effective either.   Matching the two together is what I would recommend.  Then designing and building a system that fits those numbers would be the most effective way to build a customer water softener based on the exact hardness in your home.  It really doesn’t cost more and in the long and short of things would end up saving you money over time.

Custom Built Home Water Softeners Salt Lake City

Never under-build a soft water system as it puts too much demand and forces the resins to overwork themselves while at the same time uses more salt.
I’ve been in so many homes where a salesman sold a system designed for 2 people where the water tested at 18 grains hardness per gallon and the family actually had 8 people and the water softener was simply too small to handle the volume.   It would regenerate every night and hunger for salt like it couldn’t get enough.  In short it wasn’t designed for a family of that size.  The salesmen did what many salesmen do, make a sale without considering all the needs of the family first.   If the system would have been designed and built right, they system would have regenerated ever 8, 9 or 10 days.

I would recommend if you are looking for a soft water system that can be customized for your home and family to visit www.guardianwatersoftner.com and see why our customers are all happy and satisfied. Then call Jeff at 801 928 8565 to answer any or all of your questions.

Home Water Softeners Salt Lake City is our business and we will make sure you have the right custom built water softener for you and your family at about 1/2 the price of our competitors.

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