Discount Water Softeners UtahYou get up in the morning and take a shower, your skin is itchy, you use a gallon of lotion to soften up your skin. You go to your kitchen to get a cup of coffee and your coffee pot is plugged up with hard water. It’s OK because who would want to drink out of the hard water covered cups in your cupboard anyway. So you settle for water, but the kids drank all the bottled water. Boy, what a great start to your day. That’s it, you get your computer out and Google “Discount Water Softeners Utah”. And there it is, the answer to your problems, Guardian Water Softener.

You’ve come to the right place. Here you will save a considerable amount of money, gain a better understanding of what you actually need and an appreciation for the simple way in which we do business.  If this makes sense, hopefully, you will become one of our valued customers where doing business will be a positive  and lasting experience.

We never discount quality nor do we make things “cheap”.  In order to offer what others companies charge considerably more for, we simply cut out all the fat which we call “overhead” and leave all the “meat” or top quality ingredients when we build a softener custom made for you and your home.

The term “discount water softeners” doesn’t mean you will ever scrimp on quality or substitute something of less value or efficiency.  We don’t use second grade or factory rejects or cracked resins to save a buck. Nor do we use a thinner walled tank which costs less but over time splits and cracks.  This simply isn’t our style and although a common practice, we simply don’t do it.  So, where does this “discount or savings” begin?  Actually, this is where it all starts, right here with you reading this article.

If you haven’t done so already, please refer to our website at  Here you will discover others who were searching in hopes of finding a better value and a better deal.

You see, I’m a consumer myself and like good deals as much as you do.  Since I’m in the water softening business, I simply changed my business model and eliminated the costly overhead in order to reduce the price of each unit sold.  So, what does that mean to you as a consumer?   Let’s look at it this way.  My competition sells a very similar item but for about 2 – 3 times as much. I’m not kidding you either as prices start at $2395 on up to $6885.00. You are more than welcome to pay 2 – 3 times as much if you really want too but I think you are smarter than that.

Let’s continue:  The look of each unit might have a fancy look, a colored label or fancy sticker placed on it.  This is what is what’s called “branding”. This means it’s been labeled or claimed as a company’s product.  In other words, it’s got a mark on it much like you would brand a calf with a branding iron in the olden days.  That calf is now owned by that company and is identified with that marking. That’s where the term “branding” comes from.  Ok, lets say there were two calves and one is branded and the other isn’t. I have that other calf and I’m not going to brand it with a hot iron to mark its mine.  It would serve no purpose and this is where you save even more money.  Read on:

Ok, so where is it that you can save money and a lot of it.  Let’s compare first the size of the unit and what kind of head is placed on each unit.  There are old timer heads that are less expensive and work on a principle of a time clock.  Example:  When it rains do you want your sprinklers to come on?  No, you don’t so why buy a unit that has a head that doesn’t monitor your usage of salt?  It costs less in the short run but more in the long run because it turns on every time it hits that tab on the clock.  Even if you’re away from home on vacation, it still uses salt when it hasn’t done any softening of any water.  I never use these heads and you shouldn’t either. But this is where the other companies start.  Offer this one first, educate you so you won’t want it either and then slip in with the modern day “smart chip” and charge you $800.00 more for it and then increase the price more depending on the size of tank and the number of grains per gallon that will fit your family and home.  You see, the price keeps going up and up and up.
So, how is it that we can offer you a “discount” and keep our prices lower and our quality higher?  It’s simple.  Eliminate the overhead.  These means don’t advertise or if we do keep those costs to a bare minimum.  Then eliminate any salesman commissions which usually means $400 – $500 per unit.  Eliminate the plumbers fees, the radio and television add, the newspaper adds, the flyers in the mailbox and the value adds as well.  Now what about the cost of running the building and the office staff, the secretaries and directors of sales, the vice president, and president, the fleet of trucks to run all over the state. The lighting and utilities, phone bills and the insurance cost.  How much do you think that adds to the cost of each unit?

Now are you starting to get the picture?  The discount means you are doing business with a smaller company who doesn’t charge all those hidden fees and giving you the customer a better value for your money.  That’s it, there you have it.  There are no gimmicks, no fake trips or travel vouchers, no coupons which are gimmicks anyway.  Here is your “discount” and yes this is where you save money and a lot of it.  By now you are getting the picture.  It’s making sense isn’t it?   Let’s go back to the little calf with a brand on it.  Let’s just say there were two little twin calves both from the same mother.  OK, the other company has one calf and I have the other.   Let’s just keep this simple.  Why pay double or triple when I could save you all the difference?

If you want the best experience please give Jeff a call at 801 928 8565 and see how you can get a “discounted water softener Utah” for one great price.  After all, saving you money while giving you the best quality is what I do.

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