Best Water Softener UtahI’ve had many people call asking what are the differences from Sears’s water softeners in Utah from those sold by Guardian Soft Water. It’s not easy for a consumer who’s trying to select the Best Water Softener Utah for the money when they are told so many different things by so many companies.

Sears is a big box store which carries thousands and thousands of products ranging from kids clothing, barbecues, gloves, stoves, refrigerators, tractors, televisions, mowers, tools and even water softeners. Sears specialty is not being the best at representing or even making the world’s best water softener. Matter of fact Sears doesn’t even come close. Their focus is to carry as many products as possible and brand those products with the Sears name. Sears knows how to sell or represent thousands of products at a lower price point which also means the quality of each unit compared to companies whose specialty is how to soften water exclusively is where the comparisons separate.

This past week I received a phone call from a gentleman who was price shopping and didn’t realize exactly what he was looking for. He mentioned he went to Sears looking for a water softener and found one at a lower price and then found Guardian Soft Water online from doing a Google search. He was mixed up and wanted his questions answered. I couldn’t blame him as he became more confused and wanted to know what the differences were. I might add that I have nothing against Sears. I support the store as well and own several of the Sears products. But if I were to choose a Best Water Softener Utah, Sears wouldn’t be in my top 10 and there are many reasons for this.

Let me continue where we left off:

Come to find out he owned a Sears water softener and unplugged it years ago because it stopped softening their water but kept eating salt like a hungry horse. He mentioned it had a leak coming out the side of the head and could it be repaired or was it even worth it.

Here is what we were dealing with. I explained to him that not all softeners are the same. Some companies use a very inexpensive and small resin which does soften water. However, it’s also one of the reasons they don’t last very long. You see, chlorine is used to treat the water in almost every city in the United States. Chlorine is the enemy to resins and especially to those which are of poor quality.

When the resins sit, unused like when you are at work or sleeping or whatever, the chlorine is slowly absorbed into the resin which makes them soft. They begin to swell up and then during the regenerations of cleaning they get smaller and smaller, using the same amount of salt and providing less and less soft water.

Their life expectancy depends on how hard the water is, how much chlorine is being used and how often the softener has to regenerate to wash off all the minerals they were designed to attract. It wears them out much sooner.
Anyway, this man is now a happy and satisfied customer of Guardian Soft Water and says his water is softer than it has ever been and left a very testimonial for those who might be looking for a high-quality water softener at a great price.
If you have questions please call 801 928 8565. We will do our best to help you understand what the differences are, how you can save money and still get the best water softener Utah for the money,.
We look forward to serving you even if you don’t become our customer.

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