Whole House Water Filtration UtahRecently I received a phone call and the question asked of me is what type of systems do I sell? Do I carry a whole house water Filtration Utah, a water conditioning system or a softer water system?  Also, they asked if I carried Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water and what my prices were in comparison to the competition.

In answering their questions I wanted to provide them the correct answers so I asked them what it is they were trying to accomplish.   Although their questions were sincere I could tell they needed some direction and wanted to share a few facts that may help the reader.

This customer had many concerns and it took just a few moments to guide them in the right direction. They were told they needed a whole house water filtration system Utah and that the salesmen represented a company that made a product that would mimic Mother Earth and give them the best water money could buy.  I asked them how much they were quoted on this “whole house water filtration system Utah” and they said around $6,000.00.   My next question was simple.  Do you want to pay that amount if you could get one for about a third of that price?   You already know the answer.

I proceeded to share with them some facts that could save them over $4000.00

I asked them what they were told and they simply said the representative told them they have a specialized system that’s “unique” and that no other company makes it.  It’s a system that adds several layers of elements that mimic the earth and if their city water were to pass through it, the whole house would have perfectly clean filtered water in every faucet.  It sounded good to them but they were blown away by the price.  The representative said that you can’t mimic the earth for anything less than $6,000.00 and this would be the best system for them and that all the other companies make junk and try to copy them for less.   After the representative left they decided it wasn’t in their budget and felt they needed to at least do something but for a much lower price.

Let me clarify something here. With many different type or kinds of water filtration systems in the market, it’s helpful to know what it is you as a homeowner are trying to accomplish.  It all may sound good to you when a representative from one of those companies gives you his presentation and then, in the end, shows you the price.  They are in the business to sell a product and that representative needs to provide for his family.  However, at a cost of $6000.00 I’d be looking for another solution.   And let me reassure you that I can do it for far less and have you saving enough to go on a cruise with your family. Not only will I save you money but you will end up with a much better water filtration system.  Now that’s a big promise isn’t it?

Water filtration systems work like this.  For illustrative purpose’s let’s say you have a cylinder or tank that holds 1 cubic foot of materials.  What most companies do is to present their product in such a way that layers of ingredients are added on top of each other with each ingredient or layer performing a certain or specific function.  One layer would soften the water while another layer would take out the chlorine while then another layer would take out specific chemicals and then another layer to mimic the Earth’s crust.
This could go on and on but the reality is this: And please pay attention here.   With each layer added it diminishes the effectiveness of what you are looking for and here is why.

Let’s say you want the best water in your home. Everyone deserves cleaner and softer water as well as the best reverse osmosis or best tasting drinking water.  It all sounds reasonable that you would want several layers of elements to filter your water.  One layer being a resin bed, while another layer being activated charcoal or layer of coconut shells and then another layer of gravel and so on and so forth.

However, with each layer added here is what happens.  The layer that is designed to do the best and the only layer of that will regenerate after it’s done all the collecting of minerals is the layer of resin. It’s the only layer that will consistently clean itself while the others will only take up space where there could have been more resins added to do more softening and filtering of your water.

To further simplify here is a question you may want to consider.  Why would you want to add a layer of something that won’t regenerate or in other words won’t clean itself after its done all the collecting of bad water?   Many companies present their “unique” system with having a layer of this and a layer of that to filter your water.  But do they tell you it’s only good for a few thousand gallons at best and then that layer is worthless? Now it’s taking up space where there could have been more resins added to give you better water in the first place. They don’t tell you because they don’t want you to know.

In addition to this here is something else to think about.  If a certain layer of media is added to take out chemicals that don’t exist in your water in the first place then why add them?  Also, since you only drink a small percentage of the water that enters your home, why to pay for something that doesn’t work, is too expensive and doesn’t make good financial or logical sense. The reverse osmosis drinking system will eliminate all those elements if they did exist in a specific place in any way.  So what are you paying for?  COMMISSIONS, OVERHEAD, ADVERTISING, MEDIA COVERAGE, SECRETARIES, MAILERS, NEWSPAPER ADDS, RADIO AND T.V. ADDS.

If you want the best water filtration system and for a lot less then please visit my website at www.guardianwatersoftener.com and call Jeff if you have any question.  My system will not only clean and softener your hard water it won’t ruin your bank account in the process.  Call Jeff at 801 928 8565 where you will experience better water, better prices, and better service.

We are hoping this article “Whole House Water Filtration Utah” helped you understand what you need and what Guardian Soft Water can do for you.


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