Discount Water Softeners Spanish Fork Utah

Discount Water Softeners Spanish Fork UtahI received a phone call from a curious homeowner.  His question was simple and very much to the point.  He said, “I want the best price for a water softener and trying to save money and not get something I will regret, can you help me?”  Also, if I would provide a “free water test” to determine what type of softener would best suit his family. You see this gentleman was looking for a Discount Water Softeners Spanish Fork Utah.

I could sense by his question that he was very price conscious and didn’t want to buy cheap yet wanted quality without the competitions high pressure and high price.  I assured him that I understood the validity of his question and like him, I am price sensitive too and would do my best to educate him on what it is he needed to know.

He also asked me what made my water softeners “discounted” and why I could sell them for less money and still offer him the quality he was looking for.  All great and valid questions and I could tell by the tone of his voice that he had been talking with other companies and was serious about getting a “good deal” without being scammed or paying too much.

He and I continued our conversation and I suggested that if he had a few minutes there were several factors he should consider.  The first one was had he ever had his water tested for hardness as that’s where you need to start.  Since all water along the Wasatch front isn’t the same in what’s called (gpm or grains per gallon) he needed to know that number as well as the second factor being how many people would be living in the home.   The reason for this question is because the more people who dwell in a home obviously use more water and you wouldn’t want to build a system that’s too small and would require it to regenerate and clean itself out more frequently than necessary.  This would use more salt and overwork a system.  So, having those numbers would be an important factor for him to consider.

During the conversation, he asked me if I would charge him to come out and test the water for him and how much would I charge for that service.   I was happy to suggest that my services to test the water were “free” and that if he felt comfortable with me as a businessman that I wouldn’t take any money from him and understood the principle that “trust” was something that I felt should be in every business.   I told him that people buy from those they like and trust and that my business style would never be one where I would pressure him to do something against his will.  It would be his decision and that I would do all that I could to help save him money while giving him the best soft water system possible for the money.

He asked me when I could come out and we agreed to an appointment.  When I arrived he was receptive and still had a bit of skepticism but that quickly left him when he and I spent time going over what would work best for him.  He began to see how he could get the best quality system at a “discount price” because of my business model of eliminating as much overhead as possible.  He asked me how soon I could install it and within the next 24 hours he and his wife had a brand new, top of the line water softening system and for less than half of what he was quoted by two other companies.

The term “discount water softener” does not mean cheaper in quality but it does mean you will pay less for my water softeners than you will any other company.   Where value matters and where price is a concern, do what others have done and call and see how much you can save by going with Guardian.  Give Jeff a call at 801 928 8565 and see what “Discount Water Softeners Spanish Fork Utah” and the “best-priced water softeners in Utah” can save you.   Thank you!

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