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How did I get into the Utah water softener business?

Started when I was in college primarily as a way to support myself through school. Water is something we cannot live without and yet I had little knowledge of the water business. I took it for granted what came out of the faucet was good for you. It didn’t take long to realize how wrong I was. If the taste is so chlorinated you have to mask it with sugars and powders, lemons or limes then something wasn’t right. What about your appliances, shower doors, tubs, and toilets, sinks and faucets were showing age long before they were even old meant premature wear and costly replacements.

After I got married and we had our first child, it became very clear then that I was the one responsible for what I was putting into his body. Tap water mixed with formula just didn’t sit well with me. I began to look deeper and discovered so many things we simply aren’t told. Why? Because it simply not easy to treat billions of gallons of water for human consumption and expect the cities and governments to give us pure water out of every faucet. Think about it as I did. Does it sound reasonable to even think every gallon after it’s gone through a person how many times is pure and tasty, and good for you till the last drop? How is it treated and what chemicals must a city add to combat where water has been, as well as who it’s been through? That doesn’t even cover what we wash our clothes, dishes, and bath or shower in. We live in a mineral capital state. It’s not that minerals are bad for you, we take them in supplements but we don’t need or shouldn’t even consider going to our sink for our minerals in the first place. Lick a nail if the nail is clean.

Minerals simply do damage to our homes, appliances, water heaters, sinks, faucets, glassware, toilets, and as of 2 years ago the federal government required phosphates to be removed from the laundry detergents. Those phosphates were there to counteract the minerals so when you washed your clothes or dishes they looked much cleaner than the detergents of today. So, what’s a person to do to combat these negative effects from hard water? You’ll find out in a minute.

We live in a state where minerals are all over. You won’t get away from them but you can keep them from doing damage to your home, and all the above-mentioned items. The most logical way to win the battle isn’t to mask them or hide them, but to simply remove them so your home, clothes, skin, appliances, as well as everything water touches, can be enjoyed. Clean, soft and mineral free. Does this make sense? I hope so.

Water is what I do and part of what I do is educating people so they will understand how hard water costs them far more than soft water ever will. Owning a high quality, water softener doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s actually been proven to cost far less than you’d expect.

When you remove the hardness from the water, it then requires far fewer soaps and cleaners to do their work. Why? They don’t have to compete against minerals to do the cleaning. Mineral content requires more soaps and detergent elements to break them down before the soaps can go to work. In other words, if you hand soft water in which the minerals had been removed, they soaps or detergents could go right to work needing 1/3 or less of what you were used to using. Does this save you money? Sure it does and it saves your home from needing constant chemicals to fight the hard water deposits. Here’s proof of this. Go to the testimonials tab and read a few of them. You’re may be next and you will soon discover what I have told is 100% accurate as well as truthful.

So, year and years have gone by and here I am. Still in the water business. I’ve been a trainer for several companies and know what products the consumer needs. I started my own company, Guardian Soft Water in 1986 in Southern Californian and have had it ever since. I moved back to Utah in 1990 and have been here ever since. My goal isn’t to be the largest in this industry but to give you the customer the best product for your money.

I don’t have a fleet of trucks, no salesmen to worry about paying high commissions, no overhead to worry about and no secretaries to fill the calendar or to answer my phone. No costly insurance fees to pay and not advertising expenses. If you had a company which had to cover all of these expenses, don’t you think that would affect the price of the product? Sure it would and I’m not saying profit is a bad word. It isn’t and I myself need to make a profit to stay in business, however, I don’t need to make a killing. I think you’d agree, if I cut out those expenses, it greatly reduces your cost as a customer and no I don’t use cheap or second-rate components. I use the highest grade resins, the best tanks and digital components available and feel that if you are to be my customer that you deserve the best products and a much lower cost to you.

I believe in giving the best of service to you and my customers love what I do. I want to earn your business and feel that if I give more than is expected, that’s a good practice to live by. If I were to grow too large, then I lose that good customer feel and that’s important to me to make you as a customer feel you’ve been treated with professionalism, courtesy, and respect. I hope to earn your business and will do my best to serve you as my customer.


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